How convert between umhos/cm and mmhos/cm

1000 umhos/cm = 1 mmhos/cm

To use the table below, convert your units to mmhos/cm by dividing your reported result by 1000.

Interpreting EC data from soil extracts (1:2 soil-to-water ratio).

Electrical Conductivity
Rating Interpretation
0-0.15 Very low Plants may be starved of nutrients.
0.15-0.50 Low If soil lacks organic matter.
Satisfactory if soil is high in organic matter
0.51-1.25 Medium Okay range for established plants.
1.26-1.75 High Okay for most established plants.
Too high for seedlings or cuttings.
1.76-2.00 Very high Plants usually stunted or chlorotic.
> 2.00 Excessively high Plants severely dwarfed; seedlings and rooted cuttings frequently killed.