AgriTest is a soil testing laboratory service that provides homeowners and farmers the opportunity to monitor their soil nutrient levels. This allows our clients to determine if their soil has the correct nutrient balance for what they are growing, or if they need to add soil amendments to adjust their nutrient levels.

Over the past two years, the general public’s interest in growing their own food has increased dramatically.

In order to better serve this “growing” market, we have instituted an affiliate program, that gives you, our partner, an opportunity to advertise our soil testing services to your customers on your website.

Here’s a question…would your business and your clients benefit if you provided a soil nutrient testing option to them?

If so, this service will be a great addition to your existing services!

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  • First, it provides additional services to your customer base.
  • Second, your business gets paid a commission every time a customer makes a purchase at after clicking the ad on your website.


  • Log into your account at and copy the ad image and link code (I will initially setup your account for you).
  • Place the ad on your website with the link code.
  • When your customers complete a purchase at after clicking on your ad, you make a 5% commission for that purchase.
  • Then once per month, you will receive a check for the previous month’s commissions.

It’s that simple!

When a customer orders a soil test at, they are purchasing a test kit that is shipped to them with soil sampling instructions. The customer sends the sample back to our laboratory and results are reported within 10 working-days of sample receipt.

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    The customer can then use the information from their soil test report to decide if they need to amend their soil.

    If you believe our affiliate program is something that will enhance your client’s experience, simply fill out the form on this page.