When you purchase the heavy metals test kit, your water will will be tested for the heavy metals (elements) listed below.

To find out more about the health effects of these elements, click on the element of interest below, or see their descriptions listed on our Heavy Metals description page.


Sample Kit Shipping, Turnaround Time, and Reporting

Once you place your order, you will receive your water testing kit within 5-7 business days. Follow the water sampling instructions included in the kit and return the kit using the pre-paid return shipping label.

Once your sample is received by our laboratory, you will receive your results within 10-working days.

Your analytical data reports are emailed in .pdf format.

Note: The reported analytical data contained within the heavy metals water test report are NOT to be used for compliance purpose.

In addition to testing the eight elements included in this heavy metals package, select any add-on testing option from the testing service or elements listed below…