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Soil Sampling Kit & Nutrient Test Orders

(For those of you that purchased BOTH the sample kit and nutrient test on this site)

Once we have received your payment, your sample kit will be shipped. You should receive the kit within 3-5 business days.When you receive the kit, follow the sampling instructions that come with the kit and return the sample to us using the return envelope. All shipping is prepaid.

You will receive your test report within 10-working days from the date the sample is received by our laboratory via e-mail.

Nutrient Testing

(For customers that have previously purchased a sampling kit.)

Once your payment is processed, we will E-mail your shipping label and payment receipt (You will receive these documents as .pdf files).

When you receive these documents in the email, do the following:

  • Shipping Label – Print the shipping label, fold in half, and place in the shipping sleeve (located on top of the sample return envelope).
  • Payment Receipt – Fill out the bottom portion of your receipt (sample details), cut and place in sample return envelope with your soil sample. (Keep the top portion for your records, as it is your payment receipt.)