Dümmen Orange and Koppert launch pest management to produce chrysanthemum cuttings with minimal chemical use

Dümmen Orange and Koppert Biological Systems have launched an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) protocol called GreenGuard.

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Environment Agency tackles floating pennywort outbreak in River Thames compared to fictional "triffid"

The Environment Agency has drawn up an action plan to tackle an invasion of floating pennywort in the River Thames believed to have originated in a London park.

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Five US species now "critically endangered" due to emerald ash borer

The severity of the emerald ash borer's destruction of North America's native ash trees has been borne out by the latest International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species, which lists five species as "critically endangered".

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Injections and soil amendments "can boost trees' resilience" – Percival

A range of available products can enhance trees' resistance to pest and disease attack, according to Dr Glynn Percival, who manages Bartlett Tree Experts' laboratory at the University of Reading.

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Royal seal of approval for new Dutch biological agents information centre

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands today (14 September) opened Koppert Biological Systems' new information centre, unveiled to mark the family company's 50th anniversary.

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