AgriTest is a soil nutrient testing service that provides home gardeners the opportunity to test their garden soil nutrient levels in order to maximize their gardens growing potential. AgriTest is a division of Nevada Analytical Services LLC, an Analytical Environmental Laboratory, located in Reno, NV.

Today, an increasing number of people are interested in growing their own food due to economic and health factors. The concept behind AgriTest was designed to cater to this “growing” market.

In order to better serve this market, we have instituted the Discount Card Partner Program, that gives you, our partner, an opportunity to get the word out to this “growing” market.

Discount Card Partner Program Registration Form

We are looking for businesses interested in placing our discount card displays in their business.

The discount card serves two purposes:

First, it is an information card for the potential customer. Second, it allows us to track which business the discount card came from for each sale. This is how you are paid.


  • Fill out and send in the Discount Card Partner Program Enrollment Form. (Send via email or drop off at our office.)
  • Place our discount card display in your business, at no cost to you (You will receive 160 discount cards for each display).
  • Your customers take the discount cards.
  • When your customers complete a purchase using a discount card at, you make a 5% commission for that purchase.
  • With our current pricing, you will make a minimum of $4.50/per referral!

Each discount card has a unique code that is required to be entered by the customer during checkout at We track the codes used for each sale. Then once per month, you will receive a check for the previous month’s commissions. You will receive 160 discount cards with each of your displays.

It’s that simple!

The discount cards are heavy card stock and two-sided. One side has information about our basic nutrient test, and the other side has information about our complete nutrient test.

When a customer orders a nutrient test at, they are purchasing a test kit that is shipped to them with soil sampling instructions. The customer sends the sample to our laboratory and results are reported within 10 working-days of sample receipt. The customer can then use the information in their soil report to amend their soil (if needed) in order to confidently grow what they intend to grow.

Discount Card, Actual Dimensions 4" x 5"

Discount Card (Actual Dimensions: 4″ x 5″)

If you believe our partner program is something that will enhance your client’s experience, simply fill out the Discount Card Partner Program Enrollment Form on page two and email to

We look forward to doing business with you!

Michael R. Genova
Nevada Analytical Services LLC


We offer two options for your display…


Floor Display

Overall Dimensions: 12” L x 9” W


Countertop Display

Overall Dimensions: 9” W x 12” H x 5-1/8” D